A life of generosity

From Pakistan to the USA

Generosity was always central to Kanwal Edwin's life and would shape his interactions in both business and ministry. He would often return from his travels abroad with an empty suitcase after giving his clothes to strangers, even habitually taking off his jackets and shoes for the homeless community he encountered.

A deep love for his family

Bonds for Life

Kanwal always maintained he wasn't just living the American dream, but also the dream of leading his family to a future they could thrive in. From legally immigrating over 300 families from Pakistan to the US, to forming lifelong ministries throughout Philadelphia, Kanwal viewed his family as more than his children and wife; his family became an assembly of "spiritual children and grandchildren" from around the world.

A heart for clients

It's not Business, It's Personal

Dr. Edwin had a special place in his heart for his clients. He believed -- as we still do -- that giving people the opportunities they need to succeed helps all of us prosper. That's why since 1980, Lord and Kees Financial has given back to minority communities through volunteering initiatives, international ministries, and financial assistance. Our goal has always been to personally improve the lives of our clients, even outside of business hours.

A remembrance of his role

Founder and C.E.O.

You can read Kanwal Edwin's original Founder Page, just as it was before his passing in 2022.

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