Lord and Kees Financial Systems Inc. offers services unique to every person's position, including hearing impairment, visual impairment, special needs, and other forms of disability or impairment. Pertaining to languages, we provide on-site translators for Spanish, Urdu, Hindi, and Punjabi. We want to accommodate your needs, and the best way to do that is by following our guide below.

  • Before scheduling an appointment, please take the time to contact us through the link below. This will help open a dialogue if needed so that we can be prepared to serve you to the best of our ability!

  • Please state your disabilit(ies), impairment(s), or first language.

  • Include details of what we can do to ensure full accessibility and communication during your appointments.

  • If you have someone who regularly assists you, please include their contact information and a statement allowing Lord and Kees Financial Systems Inc. to disclose sensitive information while they are present.

  • If you own a service dog, please let us know! We welcome service dogs and want to make their time with us just as comfortable as we aim to make yours.

  • Please be sure to state any other information that you deem applicable, and we will be in contact with the best arrangement possible for your appointment.

Contact Us With The Above Instructions In Mind, Thank You!
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