Terry Howard
Independent Consultant

Hours: Monday to Saturday 9:00am - 5:00pm


Terry Howard has a BSED in Elementary Education and a Minor in Mathematics from West Chester University. She also has years of previous experience as a Long-Term Substitute & Building Substitute, Shannondell Activities Coordinator,  Hiring Trainer, and Memory Care Program Coordinator, and Traffic Coordinator in the advertisement division of Comcast. During her time at Comcast, Terry received the GEM "Going the Extra Mile" Award along with her coworker for working personally with Executive leadership to develop a training program that would save the company time, money and resources. She is now working with her husband as a Quality Coach at Iron Mountain, as well as her role at Lord and Kees as an Independent Consultant with a Pennsylvania certification in Health, Life, Accident and Annuity Production.


Terry was born in Londonderry, New Hampshire to a family of three siblings, and as she grew up, her childhood passion for teaching and education led her to West Chester University. She graduated in 2007 with a BSED in Elementary Education and a Minor in Mathematics and began her career as a Long-Term Substitute and Building Substitute in two different school districts! 

While working full time as an educator, Terry also met her future husband when the Lord led her to Tyler, a sales manager who signed her up for a gym membership and became her weight lifting trainer, coach, and eventual best friend and husband. Five years into her education career, Terry made the decision to switch from working with young children to senior citizens as one of Shannondell's Activities Coordinators! During this time, she was married, promoted twice until becoming a Memory Care Program Coordinator (a program for seniors with Dementia), and kickstarted community outreach programs with the Local Boys & Girls club and Girls Scouts, as well as an “Annual Art Show” that she personally created, designed, and directed. 

A few years later, Terry and Tyler met Pastor Kanwal and his wife Yolanda Edwin at church. According to Terry, "When my husband and I met this power couple, we had barely any savings, no life insurance, no investments, and no hope of ever owning a house. We soon became their clients and they gave us the wisdom to see how to change our mindset, investments, financial choices, money management, and most importantly gave us hope and encouraged our spiritual walk." Terry is now a Pennsylvania certified Health, Life, Accident and Annuity Producer, and her faith in Jesus Christ, passion for helping people, educational background, professional experience, and mentorship under this company's CEO and Founder are key ingredients to her success at Lord and Kees Financial Systems Inc.!