A remembrance of his role
Founder and C.E.O.

You can read Kanwal Edwin's original Founder Page, just as it was before his passing in 2022.

Company Role and Biography

As the CEO of Lord and Kees Financial Systems Inc., Kanwal Edwin is responsible for all legal responsibilities of the company. This includes hiring and training employees, contracting with companies, and systems management. He also offers his time as a think tank and assistant to the President of the company, as well as a contributor to both client and company interactions.


He was born in British India in 1944, which split in 1947 as India and Pakistan. Brought up in a Christian family within Pakistan, Kanwal was educated in British schools and colleges in Lahore. He continued his education at Foreman Christian College for Pre-Med from 1960 to 1962 and later switched majors due to severe health issues. In 1967, he graduated from Punjab University with Bachelors in Economics, Political Sciences, Social Studies, English Literature, and advanced Urdu languages. After graduation, he worked as an auditor for Pakistan military accounts as well as the Pakistani TV Network, as well as Rawal Pindi in TV and music production. Kanwal immigrated to the USA in September 1969 and spoke in Congress with both houses present to help minorities funding, specifically with OIC (Opportunities Industrialization Centers) and EDTC (Entrepreneur Development Training Corp.) He later became a distributor for Koscot Interplanetary Inc. and motivational speaker for Dare to Be Great, Inc., which was run by Glenn W. Turner, from 1970 to 1973. Kanwal later ventured in USA Auto Brokerage and Franchises successfully until 1974 due to the gas crunch. The company went out of business, and in 1975 he earned his license with Pennsylvania Life and Health Insurance, providing benefits for the Worker's Union families until 1980. In 1980, he started his own insurance agency as today's Lord and Kees Financial Systems Inc. and still stands as the company's Founder and CEO. In 1989, he went even further and attended the American College for Financial Services, giving him the knowledge to run three businesses at the same time, including Herbalife International weight management as a millionaires club member, Auto Gas Accelerator in car engines, and in Lord and Kees Financial Systems Inc. Kanwal is now happily married with three sons and three daughters, who succeeded in graduating from college and beginning their own businesses. Being a born again Christian and serving communities as an ordained pastor and counselor, he has also dedicated the past 30 years to communities affected by alcoholism and drug addiction.